Smoky Barbecue Country Style Ribs

Country Style Ribs
Badia Seasoning
Safeway Select Honey Smoke Barbecue Sauce
1/2 small chopped Onion

Wash ribs. Put salt, pepper, Badia Seasoning on both sides of ribs. Smoke in a smoker for 2 hours with Hickory Wood. Spread barbecue sauce on ribs. Smoke 1 more hour.

Remove from smoker. Put ribs into pressure cooker, add some more barbecue sauce. Add chopped onions to top of ribs.

Cover with lid and cook on stovetop for 30 minutes. When steam has escaped, remove lid and put ribs on a serving platter.

Ribs will be smoky flavored and very tender. Serve with Creamy Cheesy Potatoes and Velvetty Carrots.

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