Mom's Hamburgers and Fries

I just made this plate of hamburger and french fries for my son. It was yummy enough to make this recipe collection.

I made the french fries from Russet potatoes. I always soak the fries in a bowl of ice cold water for about 1/2 hour or longer before frying them.

The hamburger is very simple to make. I make patties, then salt and pepper them (using sea salt), and a special seasoning from Badia that is called "Complete Seasoning", then grill them. Very simple. Top it with Velvetta Cheese, Fried Onions and Fried Bacon.

The fries are fried in the grease from the bacon and onions. I fry the bacon first, then add the fresh onion rings. Once done, I add some vegetable oil to my skillet and fry the french fries. They have a wonderful taste, but as you can tell, this dish is full of calories, so my family does not get this dish too often.

I usually make up all the patties (lots of them), then partially cook on the grill what we will be eating the next day. Popping the partially grilled hamburger patty in the microwave finishes the cooking process and then just add the onions and bacon and cheese. Lunch today was ready in 20 minutes.

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