Important Pressure Cooking Safety Information

A few simple rules to remember whenever you are using your pressure cooker.
  • Never overfill your pressure cooker.
  • Always add cooking liquid .
  • Be sure the vent pipe is clear before closing your pressure cooker.
  • Make sure that the pressure cooker is fully closed.
  • It is important to never open your pressure cooker when it contains pressure. The air vent/cover lock in the up position means that it contains pressure.
  • If the overpressure plug becomes, deformed, cracked, worn, soft, sticky or hard you need to replace it.
  • Things you should never pressure cook are applesauce, cereals, cranberries, dried soup mixes, certain dry beans, pastas, peas and rhubarb.
  • When cooking dry beans, grains, peas, rice and soups, your cooker should never be filled more than half full.
  • If the handle should become loose, tighten it with a screwdriver.
  • Always remove and clean the sealing ring around the inside of the lid of the pressure cooker.
  • When pressure cooking at higher altitudes, you will need to increase the cooking time by 5% for every 1000 feet above the first 2000 feet. Add an additional 1 cup of appropriate cooking liquid to your recipe.
    • 3000 feet ~5%
    • 4000 feet ~10%
    • 5000 feet ~15%
    • 6000 feet ~20%
    • 7000 feet ~25%
    • 8000 feet ~30%
  • Never use your pressure cooker on an outdoor LP gas burner or a gas range that is over 12,000 BTU's.
  • Always remove the pressure regulator before you open the cover.

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