Types of Chocolate

Unsweetened Chocolate
Also called baking or bitter chocolate. This is a pure chocolate with no sugar or flavorings added. It is usually used in baking and is commonly packaged in individually wrapped squares or as a large bar.

Bittersweet Chocolate
This is pure chocolate with some sugar added and packaged normally in 1 ounce squares or bars. If you do not have bittersweet chocolate on hand, you may substitute half unsweetened chocolate and half semisweet chocolate.

Semisweet Chocolate
A pure chocolate also known as dark chocolate, it is combined with sugar and contains approximately 50 percent cocoa solids. It is sold in 1 ounce squares, bars, chips and chunks.

Milk Chocolate
A pure chocolate with sugar, extra cocoa butter and milk solids. It is milder tasting and has a creamier flavor. Milk chocolate is more sensitive to heat than semisweet chocolate.

White Chocolate
Not considered as a real chocolate since most or all of the cocoa butter has been removed and replaced by another vegetable fat. It is also available in the same forms as milk chocolate.

Unsweetened Cocoa
This is formed by extracting most of the cocoa butter from pure chocolate and by grinding the remaining chocolate solids into a powder and does not contain any additives.

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